Tree Contemplation, Reading & Drawing Room, 2015
Sycamore tree's living biosignal (wireless), projector, custom media software and speakers

During Tree Eavesdropping, a room inside the Peabody Essex Museum invited guests to contemplate and interact with the tree's living biosignals.  The room contained a reading and reflection area with scientific and popular literature on the fraught history of plant signalling and behavior (materials featured can be found here).  A live video feed of the tree was projected on to a 20 foot x 11 foot wall and the tree's live biosignals were graphed as a simple overlay.  Additionally, the tree's transduced audio signal was broadcast over two speakers.  Drawing surfaces, placed close to the ground and directly in front of the projection, offered visitors a curated palette of colored pencils and paper.

Completed interpretive drawings were time stamped and exhibited in the room.