Animated Matters is a call to unite experimental animation enthusiasts through screenings, guest lectures and hands-on, collaborative experimentation with animating diverse materials (sand, non-newtonian fluids, clay, yarn, charcoal, etc.).  Curated by David Robert and Edwina Portocarrero, topics covered included "Behind-the-Scenes" look at the creative process: methods and techniques such as painting directly on celluloid (including painting the soundtrack), live performance animation, and collaboration at various scales of production.  We were honored by the participation of Ben Gaydos, Michel Gondry (with Noam Chomsky), William Kentridge and Miwa Matreyek who shared their art and reflections with us during guest lectures/performances.

Special thanks to Michèle Oshima, MIT A.C.T. and the MIT Media Lab Studcom Fund