Art for play, 2015
Public Art brainstorm & playful intervention modeling workshop
Duration: 02:00:00

This workshop was led by Ron Mallis (Boston APP lab), Lillian Hsu (Cambridge Arts Council), Sarah Carrier and David Yann Robert.

On March 26th, 2015, during Boston Design Week, the Boston Society of Architects & Boston APP (Art in Public Places) lab hosted a workshop on art, play and improvisation in civic space.  The workshop was free and open to the public.  The session began with a group brainstorming activity on temporary play zones. Submitted ideas were categorized, built-upon and documented. Materials were distributed to create one example of a playful activity that each participant could take home and multiply in her/his neighborhood or city.  Shortly after the session, the ideas generated during the workshop were distributed to participants with the stated intention of fostering further collaborative action.