Untitled (Panspermia), 2002
Duration: 00:05:26
Music for Plants CD (edition of 500)

This work is attributed to "seed( ) and Tetsu Inoue".

Conceived as a function, "seed( )" was David Yann Robert's punctuated alias (1998-2008) used to attribute both plant and human for their contributions to the resulting work.  Approximately 200 sounds synthesized using plant signals and modified animation software were arranged and composed by Tetsu Inoue.  The work appears on the limited edition, Music for Plants CD (compiled by Peter Coffin) with Mice Parade, No-Neck Blues Band, HiM, Syntony, Deakin & Geologist, Ariel Pink, Deila R. Gonzales & Gavin R. Russom, Sunburned Hand of the Man, Ara Peterson, Hiroshi Sunairi & Hideyuki Mari, Zs, Anthony Burdin, Weise & Koh, This Invitation, Kenta Nagai, Liam Gillick, Kites, Jutta Koether, Alan Licht & Tom Verlaine, Black Dice, Arto Lindsay, David Grubbs, Electrophilia, LoVid, Carter Thornton, Flanged Confection, Christian Marclay, Tim Barnes, Chris Corsano, Sean Meehan, Barry Weisblat, Micheal Evans, Rusty Santos and Roland Alley.

An improvised version of Panspermia was performed in a greenhouse during Perfect if On at Andrew Kreps Gallery in New York, NY in 2002.