Plant and Oval, 2000
Live plant, sticker electrode, microphone w/stand, EEG system, computer, plant software, ultra high frequency television transmitter, mylar blimp
Duration: 01:30:00

This work was performed for Fire Exit! on September 30th, 2000 at Annex Gallery in Colombus, OH

During a live, 90 minute performance by Berlin musician and sound designer, Oval (aka Markus Popp, Thrill Jockey / Mille Plateaux Records) an instrumented, rubber plant (Ficus Benjamina) took center stage.  The plant processed its environment, modulating a video feed from a remote-controlled blimp flying freely in the gallery space. The blimp's aerial perspective , transmitted through an on-board, analog UHF television transmitter was projected back on stage creating a plant-mediated sonic and visual feedback loop controlled by Oval's warm, swelling sonic textures.